Otjiwarongo Municipality to impound roaming livestock

23 Oct 2018 14:20pm
OTJIWARONGO, 23 OCT (NAMPA) - The Otjiwarongo Municipality on Monday started impounding livestock found roaming within the town boundaries.
The Otjiwarongo Municipality’s Public Relations’ Officer, Adelheid Shilongo on Tuesday told Nampa the municipality is very concerned about the number of livestock from neighbouring farms roaming on town land.
Shilongo also said accidents on the B1 road in the municipality’s jurisdiction due to livestock have been reported to her office.
On Monday officials and various heads of departments of the municipality drove through the town and saw first-hand animals grazing in town.
“We immediately engaged our team of emergency services to impound them and institute charges for the livestock owners,” Shilongo said.
According to the Local Authority Act of 1992, Act No. 23 as amended, the municipality is allowed to impound roaming livestock and charge the owner in order to minimise road accidents and for health reasons.
The owner can be charged an impounding fee of N.dollars 310.50 per cow, said Shilongo.
She then warned all farmers to keep their livestock in fenced off areas or to guard the animals while they graze on open land bordering the town to avoid being penalised by the municipality.
Earlier this month a man who hit a cow on the B1 road north of Otjiwarongo called on the local and regional authorities to act on the matter.
The 39-year-old Ambrosius Hinaunye was driving from Otavi towards Otjiwarongo at night when the accident occurred.
He was not injured but his pick-up, which left the road and came to a standstill after 200 metres, was substantially damaged.