Omaruru youth encouraged to stay out of trouble

20 Oct 2018 13:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 20 OCT (NAMPA) – The chairperson of the Omaruru Constituency Youth Forum, Serron Nghoshi has urged youth in the town to refrain from indulging in criminal activities to avoid ending up in trouble with the law.
In an interview with Nampa here on Friday, Nghoshi added that the youth should rather focus on being responsible and respectable people in society while identifying the opportunities presented to them.
Some of these opportunities include volunteering platforms that various institutions have committed to under the direct facilitation of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service’s Regional Youth Sub-Office Directorate of both Sport and Youth Development, he said.
“This is aimed at helping the youth stay away from the streets and keeping themselves busy, at the same time empowering them with self-knowledge and skills, especially those without a strong educational background,” Nghoshi said.
He added that although the town has limited youth activities, there are currently annual programmes that take place such as the career fair, information sharing day and a health awareness club for out of school youth.
“The sport sub-office has a volunteer programme that allows the youth to volunteer in sport activities that are normally held in the town, which allows the youth to gain skills such as event organising and coordination.”
Nghoshi noted that these programmes are however not easy to maintain, since the youth forum depends on sponsors, which are difficult to obtain.
“But we are doing everything possible to empower the youth in the town,” he said.