RDP executive committee meeting scheduled for Saturday

19 Oct 2018 17:10pm
WINDHOEK, 19 OCT (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) National Executive Committee will convene on Saturday to review the party’s challenges, logistics and finances as the party prepares for its elective convention in December.
RDP Secretary-General, Mike Kavekotora said during an interview with Nampa recently that national leaders have been assigned to the various regions with the ultimate objective of assisting the regional structure in preparing the convention that will bring branches from all 14 regions of the country together.
Those leaders are expected to report back on Saturday with their progress reports.
The regional conferences will identify about 700 delegates that will attend the convention, where RDP will elect its leaders for the next five years.
The party anticipates the conclusion of all processes leading to the convention by the end of November, Kavekotora said.
“The leaders were also put there to ensure that the processes leading up to the election of branch, district and regional leaders is a fair, free and transparent process,” he added.
He said the period between now and the end of November is sufficient to conclude the regional conferences and to accord aspiring candidates ample time to campaign and sell themselves to the delegates.
In preparation for the convention, the party has set up two committees for finance and logistics to ensure that everything is in place to hold the event.
A budget of N.dollars 1.6 million has been set up to hold the congress, including all process involved in the run-up.
At the convention, all RDP leadership position will be up for grabs.
RDP has been mired in controversies of leadership squabbles in recent years, leading to the resignation of its first and second presidents, respectively and several other top leaders.
Kavekotora, however, said the party has seen the worst and has proven that it can survive the test of time.