Okatope gets full-fledged PHC

19 Oct 2018 13:20pm
OKATOPE, 19 OCT (NAMPA) – The Okatope Primary Healthcare Clinic in the Ohangwena Region was officially opened on Thursday.
The clinic was constructed at a cost of more than N.dollars 16 million.
Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Bernard Haufiku officiated at the inauguration and used the occasion to call on nurses to respect people seeking healthcare and treatment at public clinics and hospitals.
He also reminded the nurses always to bear in mind that they have taken an oath and pledged to carry out their responsibilities professionally, diligently and without compromising the health of the people.
“It is a human right for every patient to receive friendly and passionate treatment and care at all public health facilities,” he stressed.
The minister singled out the recent incident of a young mother, who gave birth at the gate of Okuryangava Clinic in Windhoek after nurses of the clinic denied her needed help, as one of unacceptable mistreatment of patients.
Haufiku also urged the nurses and doctors to attract more patients to public healthcare facilities by providing compassionate care, so that people are not forced into bankruptcy in paying lots of money for private health treatment.
He promised that the government will do everything in its power to ensure that hospitals and clinics are provided with the necessary nurses and doctors.
According to him, the Ministry of Health and Social Services is at the same time consulting with its partners to have some 600 community health workers, who could not be deployed in the communities after receiving training, employed.
These 600 community health workers are some of over 1 000 people trained by the ministry with the purpose to deploy them for the promotion of health in their respective communities.
Speaking at the same event, Okatope PHC Clinic’s registered nurse in charge, Klaudia Nghole noted that the clinic provides most healthcare services, including HIV testing and anti-retroviral treatment, screening of illness, emergency birth delivery and adolescent support services.
Ohangwena Governor, Usko Nghaamwa, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Ben Nangombe and Director of Health and Social Services in the region, John Hango also attended the opening of the clinic.