Gawaxab gets 37 years for horrific stabbing of woman at bar

17 Oct 2018 12:50pm
WINDHOEK, 17 OCT (NAMPA) – A Windhoek resident found guilty last month in the High Court for stabbing a woman he met at a bar in the Khomasdal residential area 14 times in August 2015, was on Wednesday sentenced to an effective 37 years.
Elwin Gawaxab, 38, was imprisoned on a charge of murder with direct intention to kill for the stabbing of Cathy Marlene Gatonye.
The late Gatonye, 40, originally from Otjiwarongo, had her chest sliced open during the stabbings and some of her internal organs were exposed when she was found on the night of 19 August, before she died on 21 August 2015 in the Katutura State Hospital.
Furthermore, Gawaxab was sentenced to five years imprisonment on the second count of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm after he had assaulted a friend of the deceased - Thalitha Patricia Kai-Gu Mungunda - on the same day, also with an intention to kill.
However, the five years sentence on the second charge was ordered to run concurrently with punishment imposed on the first count of murder.
High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka handed down the sentence in the matter on Wednesday morning.
“The deceased person had suffered a total of 14 stab wounds on her head, face and chest. She also sustained a fracture on the skull and the stab wounds were inflicted with a piece of a broken bottle,” said Siboleka.
Meanwhile, Gawaxab, through his privately-instructed defence lawyer Mbanga Siyomuinji, denied any involvement in the incident and still wants the police to find the real killer of the deceased.
Evidence presented during trial has it that Gatonye was in the company of three other female friends at a bar in Khomasdal, where they met Gawaxab, who apparently offered to pay for their drinks.
At one point, Gawaxab asked one of the four women with a car to drive him to an ATM machine where he withdrew money, and then they all drove back to the bar for more drinks.
When they left the bar, the women apparently cracked jokes with Gawaxab in the car, but he snapped at one point and started attacking and stabbing Gatonye indiscriminately.
When the driver eventually stopped the vehicle, two of the women fled the scene, and Gawaxab and Gatonye landed on the roadside, while the driver drove away to report the matter to the police.
State Advocate Cliff Lutibezi handled the prosecution’s case.