Digital operations can reduce corruption: Simataa

15 Oct 2018 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 15 OCT (NAMPA) – Digital operations will lead to a concomitant decrease in corruption, Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), Stanley Simataa has said.
Speaking at the opening of the fifth Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Summit on Monday, Simataa said a study conducted by the Suffolk University in the United States of America found that as the use of information and communication technology increases, corruption decreases.
“Although privacy and data security concerns continue to linger, it is an undeniable fact that digitisation reduces the degree of manipulation which is symptomatic of existing traditional systems,” explained Simataa.
He further added that digital operations will greatly reduce red tape and generate greater efficiencies and quality service delivery, noting that it can also boost youth employment.
The digital world, according to ICT Minister, offers new employment opportunities that will help Namibia deal with the challenge of a bulging sea of unemployed youths.
He however pointed out that policy and financial support regimes need to be established that will inspire young people to fully exploit their entrepreneurial and innovative potential, and that the digital world can also bridge gender gaps and other forms of inequality.
“Many women often have to choose between career and family. However, the advent of digitally connected ‘virtual office’ has rendered this choice irrelevant as mothers can work anywhere and at any time,” he said.
The minister further noted that the ICT industry, like most industries, is not immune to challenges, singling out financing as a possible limitation.
Simataa also noted that there are cyber risks to privacy and data security, adding that concerted efforts should be made to address such risks in order to instil confidence in the security of the country’s networks and the reliability of the ICT ecosystems.
The summit, which is themed ‘Digital Transformation for an ICT smart Namibia’ will end on Wednesday.