CORRECTION: Man shot by policeman

15 Oct 2018 12:00pm
ATTENTION – CORRECTION: Corrects first name of shooting victim in third para. Correct name is Andreas.

RUNDU, 15 OCT (NAMPA) – A 32-year-old man from Sikondo village is recovering from a gunshot injury after he was shot by a member of the Namibian Police Force last week Thursday at Rundu.
According to Kavango East regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifasius Kanyetu, the victim was allegedly shot when a suspected thief moved into a crowd of people.
“Andreas Hamutenya was allegedly shot when a shoplifter went into the crowd after shoplifting in a clothing shop,” noted Kanyetu.
He said the police officer who was on duty was alerted and fired a warning shot in an attempt to scare off the shoplifter, resulting in the bullet hitting Hamutenya.
“While I was coming out of the shop, I felt something hitting me. A lady then started to shout that I was shot. She took me and stopped a taxi for me that brought me to the hospital,” remembered Hamutenya when Nampa visited him in the hospital on Saturday.
The bullet tore through his left elbow and fractured a bone.
The alleged shoplifter was later arrested and taken into custody and was expected to appear in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Monday.
A case of attempted murder was opened against the police officer and investigations are underway. After the investigations are done, it will then be sent to the Prosecutor General’s office for a decision on the way forward, Kanyetu said.