Swakopmund CCTV camera project stalls

12 Oct 2018 16:50pm
SWAKOPMUND, 12 OCT (NAMPA) – The Swakopmund Police Public Relations Committee (PPRC)’s proposed project of installing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at a number of areas prone to crime in the town, has stalled.
In a recent interview with Nampa, member of the PPRC, Aili Nangombe said the process was dragging on for too long and that consensus was not being reached between the municipality, the other stakeholder in the joint-effort, and the community members.
This, according the town’s Mayor, Pauline Nashilundo during a community meeting held on Monday evening, was due to the fact that community members did not show interest in the idea and could not contribute financially as requested of them.
“Community members were each requested to contribute an amount of N.dollars 10 towards the purchasing and installation of the CCTV cameras around town, however, the public did not show interest to support this initiative,” Nashilundo expressed.
She added that a study done in an effort of getting the community on board to support this initiative was not fruitful.
The initiative was proposed by the PPRC last year as a result of increased criminal activities and was approved by the town’s municipality.
Nampa previously interviewed PPRC chairperson, Anett Kötting, who acknowledged that such equipment and installation would be expensive for the municipality alone, hence the request for community members and businesses to get involved.
She said more than N.dollars 1 million would be required to buy and install more than 55 CCTV cameras at various shopping centres.
As a result of the community members’ lack of interest, these cameras will only be installed at business premises on request, according to the mayor.
Community liaison officer at the Mondesa police station, James Robert Kaujova, during the same meeting expressed disappointment with the disinterest of community members to help curb crime in the town.
“The involvement of community members in the town assists the police in combating crime faster, however, if it this is not the case, the police can only do so much and will in many cases just operate from the station,” Kaujova noted.