RTC investigates allocation of land to staff

10 Oct 2018 15:50pm
By Petrus Muronga and Sawi Hausiku
RUNDU, 10 OCT (NAMPA) – The allocation of residential plots to four executives and one other employee of the Rundu Town Council in Sauyemwa Extension 1 is under investigation by the council.
This came to light at an ordinary council meeting held last week when a resolution was passed by the council’s management committee to apply for a court order to evict around 60 households at the extension.
Sauyemwa Extension 1 is situated on the western side of Elias Neromba Secondary School.
It was discovered that the five employees working for the local authority were allocated residential plots, a situation that has angered residents that face eviction at the extension.
They demanded that the said employees should also be evicted before they are evicted, as some of the employees have houses already. Some of these employees are also under investigation for alleged corrupt practices with those to be evicted querying how the council can continue to prioritise them, while residents are landless.
The council launched an investigation to determine how the employees were allocated the residential plots, indicating that if there were irregularities in the allocation they would be asked to relinquish the offer to purchase the erven.
According to the council meeting minutes, the extension was established in 2008 and comprises of 331 residential plots and during the process of its establishment, it was discovered that about 60 families were residing there already.
It said that most of the residential plots at the extension were allocated to three property developers to build new houses.
The developers are ACEMAC which was allocated 50 plots, Pioneers Civil Contractors with 60 plots and Leene Investment with 25 residential plots.
The remaining 16 residential plots were allocated to individuals who have applied through the council.
The minutes further indicate that resolutions to allocate the plots to the employees and other members of the public were taken in 2015 during the tenure of the previous management committee.
Some of the executives that were present at the meeting were asked to leave due to a conflict of interest in the matter.
The executives are Head of Technical Services, Mathew Naironga - whose brother, Karel Naironga applied for the plot and is also an employee of the council and Head of Community Services, Fransiska Thikerete. Both Mathew Naironga and Thikerete acted in the position of chief executive officer last year.
The other executives are Divisional Head of Roads, Leevi Kakukuru and Divisional Head of Environmental Health, Sithembikosi Moyo and employee, Elfriede Gende.
Moyo is a Zimbabwean national who appeared in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court last year for allegedly contravening immigration laws. She was accused of having conducted business outside her employment.
Both Moyo and Kakukuru are currently undergoing a council disciplinary hearing as charges against them were finalised.
Last year, Kakukuru was investigated by the council after it surfaced he had been handed over to Sisa Namandje Legal Practitioners in respect of an alleged fraudulent transaction involving the sale of land.
RTC’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Sikongo Haihambo told Nampa when approached for comment that the allocation for the Sauyemwa plots was done while he was not yet at the council.
Chairperson of the Management Committee, Annastasia Antonio refused to comment on the matter when approached.
However, insiders also revealed to this agency that more employees are being investigated on the merits of how they acquired erven on the said extension.