SPWC wants statues of women erected

08 Dec 2013 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 08 DEC (NAMPA) - The Swapo Party Women's Council (SPWC) wants a national statue or monument depicting the role of women and their contribution to the liberation struggle erected in Windhoek.
Speaking at a media briefing on the recommendations made at its regional leaders confidence building workshop held in the capital last month, the SPWC’s Assistant Secretary for Information and Mobilisation, Hilma Nikanor explained that the erecting of a statue or monument needs urgent attention because it is long overdue. The women’s council wants such a statue erected in the capital first, with the regions to follow in future.
“We as women are very much aware of the contributions we made towards the national liberation struggle. We do not want to waste time and we have already acted by bringing the issue to the attention of the Secretary to take it up with the office of the Secretary-General,” she said.
Nikanor said women did their part during the liberation struggle by, amongst others things, feeding the freedom fighters.
She expressed concern that with the many women being killed in the country, particularly as a result of gender-based violence (GBV), it appears that men do not appreciate and value what women have done, and statues and monuments in their honour will help depict the important role of women. The women’s council also specifically recommended the erecting of statues of heroines who played a role in the liberation struggle.
Nikanor noted that the SPWC through its recommendations further wants to consult with the Ministry of Home Affairs on the issue of foreign nationals getting married to young Namibian women for the purposes of obtaining Namibian citizenship.
The SPWC also recommended that biblical studies be brought back as a promotional subject at primary school level to instil good morals in young people. They are of the opinion that this can be done as the majority of Namibians are Christians, and also feel that it would help reduce incidences of GBV and baby dumping.
Other recommendations by the SPWC include that people with disabilities be included in party structures and that the SPWC Secretary, Petrina Haingura seek an audience with all media houses on the need for coverage of regional activities.
The Assistant Secretary for Information and Mobilisation said the council recommended that a disciplinary committee be established for the SPWC to enforce discipline among the council members, that terms of reference be developed for leaders assigned to the regions, and that Government be called upon to amend the Namibian Constitution with regards to the establishment and operation of churches in Namibia.