SFC, Eleven Champions and Hardap Correctional Facility promoted to SSFD

08 Oct 2018 12:00pm
REHOBOTH, 08 OCT ( NAMPA) – Eleven Champions, Hardap Correctional Facility and Swakopmund football clubs were promoted to the Southern Stream First Division on Sunday after they ended in the top three of a five-team mini league.
In matches played at the Vineta and Swakopmund stadiums, Hardap Correctional Facility collected seven points, while Eleven Champions and Swakopmund collected six and five points respectively.
In the opening match on Saturday, ||Kharas regional winners Dates Eleven lost 1-2 against Hardap Correctional Facility in a match marred by three Dates Eleven players breaking their legs.
Home team and Erongo regional winners, Swakopmund hammered Omaheke regional winners, Tura Cosmos 9-1, while Dates Eleven again lost 3-2 against Khomas winners, Eleven Champions.
Hardap Correctional Facility in their second match defeated Tura Cosmos 3-1, while Swakopmund and Dates Eleven playing out a 2-all draw.
In another match, Tura Cosmos again lost 2-3 to Eleven Champions, with Swakopmund and Hardap Correctional Facility ending their match in a 2-all stalemate.
Matches scheduled for Sunday between Swakopmund and Eleven Champions; Tura Cosmos and Dates Eleven and Eleven Champions and Hardap Correctional Facility, were not played as it would not have an impact on the promotions.