Nama Genocide Technical Committee calls for dialogue on land

02 Oct 2018 16:30pm
WINDHOEK, 02 OCT (NAMPA) – Former Member of Parliament (MP) Ida Hoffman, who is also a leader of the Nama Genocide Technical Committee, wants serious dialogue between the landless and those who own land.
Hoffman, who delivered a statement at the second National Land Conference here on Monday, said the time has come for the descendants of those who took land by force in colonial Namibia to be made to restore such land to its rightful owners.
She said the two groups therefore need to meet to discuss, amongst others, the legality of the dispossession of land from native Namibians and the demands for the restoration of such land to Namibians.
“Modalities also need to be devised on how such land can be made economically productive to benefit the entire country, especially those who were dispossessed of the land,” Hoffman.
She said it was sad to note that most of the land taken by the barrel of the gun during colonial times is yet to be restored to its rightful owners, years after independence.
“During 1966 to 1968, the Bondelswarts were physically removed from Warmbad and dropped in Gibeon. Their land was declared ‘no-man’s land’.
“Earlier in 1959, the Hoachanas community were bound and physically removed from their land and 40 000 hectares of land was expropriated,” she said.
Hoffman questioned how Warmbad fell back into the hands of a selected minority, despite the Bondelswarts winning a court challenge for the territory in a South African court to that effect.
The former MP said she is concerned that the beneficiaries of German colonialism were living a lucrative life on the expropriated land of the locals, while the latter are in a situation of decline and social disintegration.
The conference ends Friday.