RDP, APP snub land conference

28 Sep 2018 15:10pm
WINDHOEK, 28 SEP (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) on Friday rejected its invitation to the second national land conference, citing a premeditated outcome and other irregularities.
Announcing RDP’s decision at a media briefing on Friday, the party’s secretary-general Mike Kavekotora said they will not be attending “a predetermined conference between the government and its stooges.”
Like others before them, RDP also based its decision not to show up for the conference on a leaked document titled ‘Advisory Position Paper to Government in Preparation for the Second National Land Conference September 2018’.
“The government has a position paper with conclusive resolutions. The document was confirmed by the Vice President [Nangolo Mbumba] when we met him on Wednesday, even though the Attorney General [Albert Kawana] denied ever having seen it in his life, what a joke,” he said.
RDP said it is clear that the outcome of the conference is predetermined and Government has already taken a stand on issues to be discussed, how these issues will be discussed, by whom, as well as what is to be excluded from the agenda.
The party also premised its withdrawal on confusion with regards to its invitations, which initially showed that they would only take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference.
The party was only informed this week to ignore the first invitation dated 05 September 2018 and told they would now be full participants in the conference.
This, according to Kavekotora, is tantamount to “technical exclusion”.
“The government of the day must be satisfied with working with those it has identified and invited on time,” he said.
He said instead of being party to a premeditated conference, RDP would find other avenues to find lasting solutions to the land question.
Also present at the media briefing was All People’s Party (APP) vice president Reinhold Nauyoma, who said they will not participate in the “sham conference”.
“We as APP have not been invited, but as Members of Parliament we have. However, in solidarity with others, we are not going to the conference as APP parliamentarians,” Nauyoma said.
RDP and APP became the fifth and sixth opposition parties respectively to pull out of the conference.
They join the Popular Democratic Movement, Swanu of Namibia, the Workers Revolutionary Party and the National Unity Democratic Organisation.
This week, pressure groups such as the Affirmative Repositioning movement, the Landless People’s Movement, several traditional authorities, civil society organisations and faith-based organisations also withdrew from the conference.