Paaltjies tariffs only applicable to private and corporate functions for now

26 Sep 2018 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 26 SEP (NAMPA) – Tariffs for individuals will not be charged at the Brakwater Recreational Park outside Windhoek until a cash collection booth has been constructed.
Tariffs will however be charged for private and corporate events that require booking in advance, the City of Windhoek’s Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Participation, Harold Akwenye said at a media briefing on Wednesday.
The private events include baby showers, birthday parties and the corporate events year end functions and team building exercises.
The City of Windhoek recently announced that the tariffs for the recreational facility, also known as ‘Paaltjies’, will be effective as from 01 October 2018. It said individuals would pay between N.dollars 10 and N.dollars 20, while the payment for private and corporate events that require advance booking to secure stands would be between N.dollars 500 and N.dollars 1 500.
Akwenye explained that they introduced admission fees to enhance revenue and to ensure that the facility becomes self-sustainable.
“The council has been rendering this service for free and the cost for sustaining the recreational park has increased over the years,” he said.
He added that it will also serve as a measure to regulate entry in order to control crime as crime has become a serious challenge at the recreational facility.
Akwenye said until a cash collection booth is constructed, the admission fee is only applicable to the events that require advance booking at the municipality’s cash halls from 01 October 2018.
“The cash collection booth will be constructed later during the 2018/19 financial year and upon approval of the capital budget. The public will be appropriately informed,” he said.