Subsistence farmers hard at work preparing crop fields

06 Dec 2013 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 06 DEC (NAMPA) - Subsistence farmers in the Kavango West Region have started preparing their crop fields in anticipation of more rains after the region received good showers last weekend.
One such farmer is Johannes Jacob from Ncamogoro village, which is situated some 70 kilometres south of Rundu in the Kavango West Region.
He has already started preparing his land for summer crops like groundnuts, maize and sorghum.
Jacob and his family do not have the luxury of modern ploughing and planting implements, and the whole land preparation process is done with oxen and by hand.
The cumbersome nature of this labour-intensive land ploughing process does not deter Jacob at all, as he works with members of his family on the fields from sunrise until late in the afternoon.
When Nampa arrived at his homestead recently, all the members of his family were busy with their respective ploughing duties, as he guided the oxen, pulling the plough through the rain-soaked soil.
A female member of his family, with a baby on her back, could be seen sowing the maize and groundnut seeds.
“As a man you want to plough to get food so that you can support your family,” Jacob told this news agency.
When asked about the involvement of the whole family during the preparations of the land, Jacob said it is their tradition that everyone in the family should work on the fields before the rain comes.
“We will keep some of the crops for ourselves, and some of it we will sell to buy basic necessities,” the farmer added.
Jacob is optimistic that more rains will fall for the rest of this rainy season, saying his family is likely to enjoy a bumper harvest from their land next year.