Disability Sports Namibia rewards athletes for their hard work

24 Sep 2018 10:20am
WINDHOEK, 24 SEP (NAMPA) – Twenty-six athletes, three guides and nine coaches were recognised for their hard work throughout the 2018 season at the Disability Sports Namibia (DSN) awards in Windhoek on Saturday.
The athletes received trophies for athletics, football, netball and swimming during what was the eighth edition of the awards.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, Emma Kantema-Gaomas said people with disabilities in developing countries face major barriers that limit their participation in sports and other physical activities, but the Namibian Government is committed to enabling them to compete in sport.
“We are proud to know that the investment made available to DSN in grants every year yielded results as we have witnessed in recent achievements by Namibia on the world stage,” she said.
Kantema-Gaomas added that the athletes’ sacrifices, self-determination, perseverance and resilience against all odds should be taken into consideration, while the roles of coaches, administrators, teachers and family members who support the athletes should also be acknowledged.
“Tonight, we not only honour you, but we express our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for making the conscious decision to participate in your respective codes, grab the opportunities afforded to you, put in the hours of training and sacrifice, become accustomed to a healthy lifestyle and have the self-confidence and determination to compete,” she said.
The female athletes who received trophies of recognition are Beatha Hausiku, Maria Simon, Lahja Ishitile, Sylvia Shivolo, Christa Kapesi, Johanna Benson, Olivia Hendjala, Lavinia Matheus, Penehafo Shefeni, Murauri Nangero, Laimi Uutoni and Magdelena Immanuel.
The male athletes who received trophies are Ananias Shikongo, Johannes Nambala, Mateus Angula, Dian Jansen, Bradely Murere, Alfredo Bernado, Roodly Gowaseb, Abisalom Hailaula, Andreas Amakali, Vaiko Sheefeni, Likuwa Jonas, Fillemon Shinyengu, Michael Geelbooi and Thomas Nambala.
Guides Even Tjiviju, David Ndeilenge and Sydney Kamuaruuma also received trophies, as did coaches Wendelinus Sissingi, Emilia Schade, Hank Botha, Barbara Fernandez Veitia, Sonja Lindemeier, Lina Mweyakutala, Berhard Nakathingo, Matias Mandume and Erasmus Shindodi.