Good rains received in Opuwo area

06 Dec 2013 14:20pm
OPUWO, 06 DEC (NAMPA) – The town of Opuwo and surrounding villages in the Kunene Region received good rainfall earlier this week.
Because of the good rains, a lot of rain water was collected in the earth dams at several villages in the area of Opuwo town.
In these villages, farmers have not seen some of their cattle for days because there is plenty of water in the veldt and the animals are not coming to the earth dams and water-points anymore.
The office of the Meteorological Services of Namibia could not provide Nampa with exact rainfall readings for the past week due to network failures and the malfunctioning of their automatic weather reading machines at Opuwo.
Sophia Tjombonde from the Meteorological Office told Nampa in a telephonic interview on Thursday that there were no rainfall records available at their offices because of the machine malfunction.
This reporter travelled to several villages in the Kunene Region on Wednesday, only to learn from some farmers that although the rains are a welcome relief, it has also created a few problems for livestock owners.
At Okatumba village, about 25 kilometres south of Opuwo, earth dams have started overflowing with water and crop farmers were racing against time to rehabilitate and restore the fences of their maize fields.
Cattle farmers at Okatumba village said they are stressed and worried about their cattle not coming home from grazing in the veldt due to the rains. It is though that the animals have moved to faraway areas.
Kapara Mbinge, a cattle farmer who has been looking for his cattle for more than four days, is concerned that his livestock might have gotten stuck in the mud somewhere.
He said the rains have made it very difficult for cattle to be found at their normal grazing areas.
Tjilikuwo Kataraju, also a cattle farmer, has been looking for his livestock for more than a week without much success.
He told Nampa that the two oxen that he was looking for were supposed to be slaughtered for a wedding which was held at Okahao last weekend, and people at the wedding were forced to make alternative arrangements because the oxen could not be found.
Some farmers have lost their goats in the heavy rains. At Okovasiona village, several goats and old cows collapsed and died after the first rains because of the sudden change in the climate and the poor state of their drought-affected digestive systems.
Other places that received good rains are Orumana, Ohauwa, Otjerunda and Otjouje villages, all located south of Opuwo.
To the north of Opuwo, good rainfall was received at Okoupawe village, while Ovinjange and Oukongo villages received a few showers in the past two days.
Other villages that are said to have received fairly good rains are Otjihama, Ondjete, Okorosave, Otutati and Ohungumure.