Cobra causes panic at construction site

19 Sep 2018 15:20pm
OTJIWARONGO, 19 SEP (NAMPA) – An aggressive and injured Anchieta’s cobra on Wednesday triggered panic among a group of construction workers servicing town land at Otjiwarongo’s Extension 10 new residential area.
The over two-metre long snake was found with injuries on its upper and middle part, caused by an excavator during bush clearing at the site between Extension 6 and Karundu Junior Secondary School.
Work at the site came to a standstill for almost an hour after one of the workers spotted the cobra struggling to move away from the cleared piece of land.
Otjiwarongo-based professional snake handler, Bennie Hollander was called in together with Ministry of Environment and Tourism game ranger, Victor Shituleni who brought calm to the situation and removed the reptile.
Hollander told Nampa that the Anchieta's cobra is a species of the cobra family, which is highly aggressive and venomous, usually when hurt or pushed into a corner.
“This is a tough poisonous cobra. Any person who sees it should not dare get close, but call a professional snake handler who can move it away,” he said.
Hollander thought the injured cobra might be approximately 10-years-old and committed to treating its wounds before releasing it back into the bushes.