KHP Municipality urges for sustainable jobs to develop town

14 Sep 2018 13:40pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 14 SEP (NAMPA) – Close to 40 people attended the business seminar organised by the Keetmanshoop Municipality during the Keetmanshoop Agricultural, Industrial and Tourism Expo here on Thursday.
Finance Manager at the municipality, Quentin Visagie said the session has now become a permanent feature of the annual expo and is aimed at providing an update on challenges and opportunities for business growth in and around Keetmanshoop.
“Through this update we hope to share valuable information that existing and new entrepreneurs can take into consideration when making their next investment decisions,” Visagie said during the event.
This year’s seminar was held under the theme ‘Creating sustainable jobs’.
Visagie said the municipality believes that sustainable jobs can be created by making investments that address the municipality’s biggest service delivery challenges which include water, sewage and electricity reticulation, roads, and housing and environmental health management.
He added that there is a need for training the local labour force and utilising technology to increase efficiency of service delivery.
“Investment in these areas has the ability to create jobs while at the same time improving the quality of life for the broader community,” he said.
Economic Development Senior Manager at the municipality, Jegg Christiaan, who facilitated the meeting, said 3 078 out of 11 400 people of working age are unemployed.
“This means that only 8 322 are employed, and the Keetmanshoop economy needs to create 3 000 sustainable jobs valid for 3 to 5 years for there to be 100 per cent employment,” he said.
Christiaan stated that the figures were calculated using the 27 per cent average unemployed rate in Namibia.
He said the municipality can create these jobs through the building of more roads and houses, erecting networks for bulk water, sewage and electricity provision, as well as in the field of environmental health management.
“But for the municipality to create these jobs it needs an annual capital budget of at least N.dollars 43 million to create around 300 jobs yearly,” Christiaan stated.
The current capital budget is N.dollars 25 million.
The expo started on Wednesday and ends Saturday.