Paediatric TB ward handed over to health minister

12 Sep 2018 15:40pm
TSUMEB, 12 SEP (NAMPA) – Dundee Precious Metals on Wednesday handed over the newly-constructed paediatric Tuberculosis (TB) ward at the Tsumeb State Hospital to Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Bernard Haufiku.
The new isolated ward was built and resourced by Dundee Precious Metals’ Tsumeb Community Trust at a cost of over N.dollars 850 000.
Haufiku said the new ward is meant to test, diagnose and treat TB in minor patients at the State hospital, where 51 paediatric cases and one death caused by TB were recorded in 2017.
He said his ministry has a plan to eliminate TB in the whole country by 2035.
The minister explained that with the cooperation of TB patients and community members and with corporate support, a decline and consequently victory over the disease can be realised before the targeted year.
“I am really happy to see companies like Dundee joining Government in fighting TB. Your investment in health will pay off, although it might not be now,” said Haufiku.
Vice President and Managing Director of Tsumeb Dundee Precious Metals, Zebra Kasete on his company’s behalf also donated another N.dollars 650 000 towards general health service provision rendered by the Tsumeb State Hospital.
Kasete said the investment shows the interest his company has in supporting efforts of Government in its fight against TB, and improvement of the general health and social welfare of the Tsumeb community.
“Health is not a Government issue alone as we at Dundee believe that since we are also members of the Tsumeb community, improved health provision for everyone is for all of us,” he said.
Governor of the Oshikoto Region, Henock Kankoshi and regional and local authority councillors of Tsumeb among others also attended the event.