Namibia dominates at International Quadrangular Test Series

11 Sep 2018 10:10am
WINDHOEK, 11 SEP (NAMPA) – Namibian bowlers excelled at the International Quadrangular Test Series held at the Eros and Trans Namib Bowling Clubs in Windhoek between Friday and Sunday.
The Namibia Bowling Association (NBA) hosted four teams, namely; the Namibia senior national team, Zimbabwe, Botswana and an NBA invitational team.
This year’s test series comprised of games in all four disciplines, which are singles, pairs, trips and fours.
In the men’s singles category, Namibia walked away with a gold medal while Zimbabwe won gold in the female event.
In the pairs discipline, the NBA invitation team won the gold medal in the men’s event, while Botswana took gold in the female category. The Namibian male and female teams won the gold medals in the triples event, while in the fours, the NBA invitational team won gold in the men’s category and Namibia’s female team walked away with the gold in their category.
Both the Namibian national teams in the male and female categories were crowned the overall winners of the test series and the team walked away with the trophy.
In the veterans’ test series that was held between Namibia and Zimbabwe alongside the Quadrangular Test Series, the visiting Zimbabwean team won the gold medal in the single men’s category, while Namibia won the female competition.
In the pair’s category, Namibia walked away with the gold in both the male and female categories, while in the triples category, Zimbabwe won the gold medal in the women’s classification, while Namibia won the men’s classification.
The Namibian women team won the gold medal in the fours, while Zimbabwe took home the gold in the men’s event.
Namibia were once again the overall winners of the competition in the veterans’ series to walk away with the trophy.
Speaking to Nampa on Sunday, NBA Public Relations Officer, Jenny Gardiner said the tournament was a success despite South Africa’s failure to participate, adding that they were able to replace them with Botswana.
“Despite the bitterly cold weather this weekend, the two guest countries thoroughly enjoyed themselves and complimented Namibia on its hospitality,” she said.