MobiPay comes to Walvis Bay Municipality

04 Dec 2013 18:30pm
WALVIS BAY, 04 DEC (NAMPA) - The Walvis Bay Municipality officially launched the MobiPay payment solution for its customers here on Wednesday.
It is the second municipality in Namibia offering the MobiPay payment solution to its customers after the Windhoek Municipality.
Speaking during the launch, the Walvis Bay Municipality's Public Relations Officer, Kevin Adams explained that the new payment solution will substantially reduce the amount of queues experienced at the municipality between the 25th and 28th of every month.
He indicated that during these peak times the staff, especially cashiers, are under tremendous pressure which creates room for errors.
Adams also stated that these errors often cause great inconveniences for some of the customers, particularly when funds transferred via Internet banking is not received on time, resulting in penalties for customers.
“This new solution provides for the payment of municipal bills via mobile phones which has become a popular way of communicating across our country, offering our customers a wide range of convenience which until this morning was only available to clients who subscribed for Internet banking and those living elsewhere in Namibia,” he stated.
Adams further indicated that the old practice of running municipalities on non-business principles will not solve the contemporary challenges facing municipalities and local authorities in Namibia.
“We are operating in a competitive service industry where efficiency and effectiveness are the key buzzwords. As such, we, the Municipality of Walvis Bay need to be up to speed with contemporary strategies aimed at solving practical and operational challenges, one of which is the need to optimise revenue collection and generation,” he noted.
Adams encouraged all customers to sign up for the service and experience the convenience of paying their municipal bills using their mobile phones from anywhere in Namibia.
The Managing Director of MobiPay, Amos Shiyuka told Nampa on the sidelines of the event that other municipalities across Namibia can expect to join the payment solution franchise within the coming months.