DTA-YL calls on youth to vote for Venaani

04 Dec 2013 16:50pm
WINDHOEK, 04 DEC (NAMPA) - The DTA of Namibia Youth League (DTAYL)’s Secretary-General Bensen Katjirijova has called upon all Namibians, especially the youth, to vote for their party and its newly-elected president McHenry Venaani in next year’s elections.
Katjirijova made this statement during a media briefing on the Youth League’s outlook for 2014 in the capital on Wednesday, saying his organisation believes that it enjoys an advantageous position as their newly-elected party president is one of the youngest political leaders in Namibia.
“The DTA can offer the Namibian youth a political alternative that not only understands them, but which aims to provide them with a voice which has been sorely lacking on the contemporary Namibian political landscape,” he stated confidently.
According to Katjirijova, the Namibian youth are largely disillusioned with politics and public affairs, and this has a negative impact on youth voter registration as well as youth voter turnout, and their general participation in elections.
The DTA-YL will be one of the strongest, if not the strongest, political youth organisation in the country during the 2014 national and presidential elections, he noted.
They, nonetheless, expect 2014 to be a challenging year for them, but are ready to play a significant role in the run-up to and during the elections like all other respective youth wings of the various local political organisations.
Katjirijova said the Youth League has committed itself to changing the state of affairs by actively engaging young Namibians through addressing their plight, and speaking to their concerns.
Issues such as housing, public healthcare facilities, roads and transport infrastructure, the long distances which learners and students are forced to travel, unemployment reduction, the education system and land reform are some of the main issues which they believe should be addressed as a matter of urgency.
“The DTA remains an active and strongly relevant force in the Namibian political arena, and aims to challenge the ruling Swapo-Party in the 2014 elections by providing the Namibian electorate with a credible and viable political alternative,” he added.