Ondangwa Town Council educates on HIV/AIDS

04 Dec 2013 13:40pm
ONDANGWA, 04 DEC (NAMPA) - Namibians are beginning to control the impact of HIV/AIDS and a further spread of the deadly disease, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ondangwa Town Council Martin Elago has said.
Elago said this whilst speaking at the belated commemoration of World AIDS Day by the community of his town on Tuesday.
“For the first time we are beginning to control the epidemic, and the epidemic is not controlling us,” he told his audience.
He was referring to reports of the Ministry of Health and Social Services which suggested recently that the country has recorded a reduction in HIV infections this year.
“For the first time we can see that there is stability to the epidemic that has wrought such staggering devastation around our communities,” the CEO said.
He then pointed out that the Ondangwa Town Council decided to commemorate World AIDS Day with the aim to educate and to remember friends and family members who have lost their lives as a result of HIV/AIDS.
Elago noted that Namibia has big problems of poverty, mainly because of the HIV/AIDS pandemic destroying the nation.
“Most of the people are unable to work and as a result they are not able to help themselves anymore,' he said, adding that ending the AIDS pandemic will mean the celebration of birthdays rather than attending funerals every weekend as it has been the case.
He also encouraged all Namibians to join hands in the fight against the AIDS pandemic, and to stay true to their vision of having a HIV-free society.
The Community programme coordinator of LifeLine/ChildLine at Ondangwa, Selma Mpinge also addressed the commemoration gathering, and told those in attendance that losing full mental control because of alcohol and drug abuse can lead to poor decision making and risky situation.
This, Mpinge said, increases the likelihood of participating in unprotected sexual intercourse or other activities which carry a high risk of HIV infection.
She encouraged people to practice abstinence or safe sex.
“If you or your partner is infected with HIV, it is essential to use a latex condom and a lubricant during intercourse of any kind,” Mpinge stated.