Diescho says Geingob's ill-talk saddening

29 Aug 2018 15:00pm

Aggrieved former Nipam boss Professor Joseph Diescho is not happy with President Hage Geingob whom he has accused of speaking ill of him in his absence at a recent Swapo central committee meeting in Rundu.
The Villager approached Diescho following a message circulating on social media in which he says that he got winds of the President’s ill-talk from “several members” who attended the Swapo central committee meeting.
 The professor was not out-rightly comfortable to shed more light on his feelings and initially refused a telephonic interview accusing this publication of being “the mouthpiece of the President”. 
Diescho could not reject that he was the author of the circulating message in which he says he has been called a fool by the President and that he got slammed for the speech he delivered on the event of the death of Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab.
“Go and confirm that with the intelligence at the Statehouse. What I can confirm is that the President spoke those words. It was confirmed by several people who were there,” he said.
Pressed on how he intended to help his situation, he said, “He is my President. I just feel very sad that he has chosen to express his unhappiness with me or my behaviour without dealing with me as his child and a citizen.
“If I was wrong anywhere I think it is for the leaders to correct me and not to take on in that manner it is not right to attack an individual who is not present, who cannot defend himself.
"In fact, the people I have heard express views on this were dismayed that he chose the wrong moment of national leadership to fight an individual who is already lying down,” he said.
 He also revealed that he has tried more than five times for two and a half years to ask for a one-on-one meeting with Geingob to find each other but to no avail.
Diescho’s issues with the leadership are a public secret and doors have been allegedly shut in his face ever since his fall from grace as Nipam boss.
Meanwhile attempts to get a comment from the President were futile as his press secretary, Alfredo Hengari’s phone was unreachable.