Disabled should apply for land themselves

29 Aug 2018 15:00pm

A City of Windhoek councillor, Hileni Ulumbu, has cautioned Namibians living with disabilities from applying for land through property developers.
Ulumbu said some property developers have a trend of using people living with disabilities to apply for land.
 “There are property developers who get public members with disabilities, front them in applying for land with a notion that such projects are aimed at providing employment and uplifting the living standards of people with disabilities. Yet when one goes an extra mile into investigations of the ownership of the companies, these people being fronted do not even appear as members. It is an undeniable fact that council is faced with an immense challenge of providing serviced land,” she said.
Ulumbu also said that the public at large and people with disabilities should be cautious not to fall victim to those with fraudulent intentions of fronting them to get their land application through and later abandon them after such approval has been granted.
“This insensitive practice by some members of our society is unacceptable and should come to an end as a matter of urgency. It should be noted that the city has a standard allocation procedure for people with disabilities and such procedures are governed by policies that are set by the council. Therefore, if there is any person with a disability who would like to apply for land must do so through the application process and must meet the following procedures,” she said.
She added that the public should be cautioned that the city is aware of public members who want to take advantage of the circumstance by falsely applying for land on behalf of people with disabilities.