ELCRN Ebenhaeser Mariental Parish to construct new multi million building

29 Aug 2018 08:30am
REHOBOTH, 28 AUG (NAMPA) - The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCIN) Ebenhaeser Parish in Mariental, is earmarking a multi- million church construction to kick-off in September.
The construction is estimated at a cost of N.dollars 6.5 million and half of the construction costs was donated by prominent businessman Johannes !Gawaxab.
The project’s Media Consultant, Bernhard Gaeb in a media statement on Tuesday said half of the construction cost was donated by prominent businessman Johannes !Gawaxab and his wife Paulina.
He explained that the new building will replace the 80- year old existing one that opened its doors in 1937.
He added that the construction will be done in three phases, with phase one financed from !Gawaxab’s donation will see the foundation, concrete works, steel frame and roofing completed.
He noted that second phase will comprise of bricklaying, plumbing, carpentry, electrical and finishing works, while tilling, benches and altar will complete the project.
Outstanding half of the church construction project will be financed through donations.
“For this purpose the project team had developed a website which is under construction for project updates and fundraising. It will be launched next week,” he said.
Gaeb stated that upcoming events include a Christmas bake event slated for December and a major fundraising gala dinner is planned on 30 March in Mariental.
The statement further said the decision to make the donation by !Gawaxab, was driven by his believe that he should plough back into the community where he grew up and where his foundation was laid to achieve what he has achieved in life.
“Whenever we have big funeral or church services, many people have to stand outside enduring the hot sun under umbrellas, which the people later accepted as normal. They were normalising the abnormal and I decided to change that perception,” it said.
The church held a ground breaking ceremony in Mariental on last week Friday and appointed a contractor.
Building plans were designed by well- known architect, Hugo Scheepers and are in harmonious co-existence of the old building. They share the same forecourt and are complementary.
The two church buildings will be linked via audio-visual technology during big church services and gatherings.
It will be completed in the first week of December 2019.