Angolan investment body appoints Shikangala as Namibian representative

27 Aug 2018 10:20am
OSHIKANGO, 27 AUG (NAMPA) – Chairperson of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) at Helao Nafidi in the Ohangwena Region, Frieda Shikangala has been appointed as Namibian representative of the Centre of Support to Entrepreneurs and Enterprises for Private Investment (CAEEIP).
Confirming her appointment in an interview with Nampa on Sunday, Shikangala said she was appointed on 12 July to represent CAEEIP in Namibia in order to facilitate the movement of business personalities, who want to cross the border to do business or invest in Angola.
“I am therefore encouraging all Namibian entrepreneurs and investors, who are of the intention to do business in Angola, to go through my office at Oshikango if they are to embark upon a smooth and trouble-free journey to Angola,” said Shikangala.
She explained that CAEEIP was established in Angola in recent years, after the realisation that many foreign entrepreneurs and investors who attempted to invest in Angola fell victim to con artists, losing their money and goods intended for investment in that country.
CAEEIP is headed by Apolonario Wapota as its president.
“CAEEIP has a partnership with the central government and provincial governors of Angola for reception of foreign entrepreneurs’ investment in our country (Angola),” Wapota told this news agency in a telephonic interview recently.
He added that CAEEIP also has representatives in other countries where they are facilitating the movement of goods and services into Angola through entrepreneurs.
Wapota pointed out that CAEEIP has Shikangala in Namibia as its representative to administer the Namibia-Angola business exchanges.
According to him, CAEEIP is constituted in the interest of receiving and negotiating private investment and foreign laws to support entrepreneurs and provide insurance of their business in Angola.