Tug Restaurant employees unhappy

03 Dec 2013 18:30pm
SWAKOPMUND, 03 DEC (NAMPA) – Some 20 disgruntled employees of the Tug Restaurant in Swakopmund held a peaceful demonstration here on Tuesday in protest at the way in which the business is being run.
The employees’ spokesperson, Sylvanus Owoseb indicated in a petition handed over to the restaurant’s manager, Brett Southworth that they are unhappy with the way the restaurant is run.
They also condemned Southworth’s behaviour, saying he does not respect them.
“We are being treated like slaves and our rights are being violated. We are not respected anymore, especially those employees who have worked for more than 15 years,” he said.
Owoseb explained that the demonstration was prompted by what they say is the unfair dismissal of a colleague, Temus Andreas on 21 October this year.
They say he was unfairly dismissed for attending the funeral of a relative.
Owoseb stated that Andreas informed his supervisor before attending the funeral, but was apparently dismissed upon his return.
“Temus did the right thing and informed his immediate supervisor who advised him to bring the death certificate which he did. In our view this was enough reason for him to be given permission to attend to the unfortunate event,” he said.
The employees also claim that there is inconsistency in the disciplining of workers, as another employee was apparently found guilty of a similar offence on a previous occasion, but only received a written warning.
The employees are now demanding that the board of directors review Andreas’s case so he can be reinstated. They also want employees’ rights respected and they want the recognition agreement between the Tug Restaurant and the Namibia Food and Allied Workers Union (Nafau) to be finalised.
The employees demanded a response from the company before 10 December.
Southworth said this is the first time he hears about the allegations that he does not respect employees.
He said the restaurant is one of the best establishments in Namibia, saying that stems from the performance of its employees.
“Most of the people have been here more than eight years and have worked hard. They have also been here this long due to the establishment looking after its employees,” Southworth said.
He went onto say the establishment has a code of conduct and every employee needs to follow the procedures.
Southworth noted that no compassionate leave form was completed by Andreas and handed to a manager, and as a result steps were taken to address the incident.