GPTF raises N.dollars 13 million in 2017

22 Aug 2018 10:50am
WINDHOEK, 22 AUG (NAMPA) - The Game Product Trust Fund (GPTF) has raised over N.dollars 13 million in 2017 through sales of wildlife products.
This was announced by GPTF board chairperson, Louisa Mupetami during the official inauguration of new board members here Tuesday.
Mupetami noted that there was a decline of N.dollars 2 million compared to 2016.
The fund collected N.dollars 11 million from sale of trophy hunting concessions and the remaining over N.dollars 2 million through levies of live export of wild animals, live auction and removal of problematic animals.
“The funds raised are reinvested into projects that are aimed at promoting conservation of wildlife management and rural community development within or adjacent areas that are affected by the presence of wildlife in Namibia,” said Mupetami.
Inaugurating the board members, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta said since 2012, the fund has reinvested close to N.dollars 100 million into conservation with the bulk of the funds going to projects such as anti-poaching initiatives, wildlife research, studies and development.
Shifeta noted that the GPTF has been facing challenges over the years such as the increase in human-wildlife conflict, which demands more funding, the reduction of inflow cash into coffers of the fund and growing demand of funding due to limited funding opportunities.
“The main recipients of the funds are the ministry, communal conservation, rural communities as well as non-governmental organisations,” he noted.
Shifeta urged the board members to commit themselves daily to the operations of the fund and ensure prosperity in committing to wildlife conservation and the management of natural resources in the country, while also promoting co-existence of people and wildlife.
The new board consists of Mupetami (chairperson), who has been reappointed, Taina Nankela, Dr Johannes Shoopala, Asser Ujaha (reappointed) and Richard Nyambe.
They will serve for three years.
GPTF was established in 1997 to ensure that revenue raised from the sales of wildlife products is used for wildlife, communal and rural conservation development aimed at harmonising the co-existence of humans and wildlife.