Heavens show no mercy for South African accused murderer

21 Aug 2018 14:00pm

A South African man accused for raping and murdering a Windhoek woman, Dinah Diedericks (57) four years ago after a party, will see his time in Namibian holding cells extended as High Court Judge Naomi Shivute refused his application to discharge the state’s argument in the case as weak.

Wimpie Derick Februarie has pleaded not guilty to the charges but the court has ruled against his favour stamping that the evidence released by the state was of a good quality after the prosecutors closed their case.

He together with his fiancée at the time of the incident, Audrie Bock, had thrown a party celebrating their engagement after which he escorted to deceased to her home where she would be found dead next morning.

Meanwhile, the defence council has argued that there is nothing that linked the South African to the charges as there were no eye-witnesses during commission of the offence.

While his lawyers pointed out that the deceased died due to strangulation, they said there were no signs of semen found on the deceased that could point to sexual activity having been carried out.

They also said the deceased’s DNA found on the accused’s jacket may have landed there due to acts of hugging before her time of death.

The deceased woman is said to have been escorted home by other people including the accused and was drunk.

Februarie is said to have been the last person to be seen with the deceased who was later found outside her home semi-naked with her head wrapped with plastic.

She was found by her daughter, Maliza Diedericks, a friend and her elder sister  and has  testified before the court.

She said before they made that  horrific discovery, he mother’s friend  who was also living in the garage of her house reported to her that she had been raped and nearly killed by someone that evening. 

In her judgement, Judge Shivute indicated that she will be going for an administrative break and could thus be available to carry on the trial between the 20th and 22nd of February next year.

But Februarie’s lawyer, Mbanga Siyomunji attempted to have the case dealt with earlier saying that his testimony would only take half a day.

The state tightened their bolts saying they would need four days or a week to prepare and the matter got pushed to 2019.