Church members are brainwashed- Nampol

21 Aug 2018 13:50pm

Church members have been brainwashed and are confused to communicate with the police openly following a recent incident in which a Congolese pastor allegedly hold 16 members for praying and fasting, Namibian Police (NamPol) regional crime investigation coordinator of Khomas, deputy commissioner Abner Agas told The Villager.

Some of the members are not even aware where they are when officers were conducting interviews, he said.

“The members are confused we are thinking they have been brainwashed. Some are even saying that they just got to the church and do not know what is going on and why the police are at the church. The pastor has not been arrested but the investigation is still ongoing and once the investigations are finalised we will see what the way forward is. But whatever transpired here has affected the church members to a point that they seem they are hiding something that they do not want to share with the information with NamPol,” he said.

He added that some members were even aware of their surroundings and had asked how they arrived at the church with their blankets.

Agas also said that some are not even willing to talk to the police.

“These people are seriously hiding something because they seem like they are scared that something will happen to them when they talk and it is clearly noticeable on their reactions. But the way forward for us as the police is to conclude investigations and we will see from the outcome of the investigations whether we will open a case against the pastor or not,” he said.