Soldier accused in girlfriend murder, guns for bail

21 Aug 2018 13:50pm

A Namibia Defence Forces soldier dragged in the Katutura Magistrate Court for the murder of his girlfriend of five years came out guns blazing in defence as he battled for bail yesterday.

The gunman, who claims to be Namibia’s first paramedic soldier, Johannes Neuaka, stands accused of shooting his girlfriend to death with one round of ammunition at her residence while their child was there.

He is said to have fled the scene before later handing himself over to the police, but he came out to claim that the shot went off accidentally which threw him into panic-mode.

Standing firm to his version of the story in which he claimed to have picked up the gun in grasses after it had been dumped by a brawling group of youngsters, Neuaka said he had no reason to abscond if he is to be given bail.

According to him, his intention was only to hand over the gun to the police but during the procedure of making it safe., his girlfriend came and grabbed him from behind and the bullet went off.

Pressed by the state prosecutor why he chose to run away instead of using his paramedic experience to assist his girlfriend, he said, “It’s a normal physiological response for any human being. It’s either fight or flight.”

He also put it to the state that even if he were to flee to other countries like SA for instance where he has family connections, the military police would be after him.

“I believe SA and Namibia have a Memorandum of Understanding in case people abscond,” he weighed in.

However, the state did not hesitate to point it out that there was a fear that, given his “violent nature” he would threaten state witnesses, most of which are family members of his deceased girlfriend.

 The accused said he believed that nobody should be kept in custody just to make the society safe adding, “It’s punishment to keep people in custody awaiting trial “so that” the community is happy.”

Neuaka’s relationship with the deceased is said to have been a violent one and some have claimed that at one point he strangled her with an iron bar, allegations the soldier has shot down.

However, to the effect that the relationship was not a stable one, he managed to produce documentation that he at one time sought psychological aid for both himself and his girlfriend.

The mother of the deceased, a domestic worker, who showed up for trial told The Villager that she died at a tender age of 25 and left behind a son whom she is taking care of now.

“I am breastfeeding him. I have no milk but it’s just to show him that motherly love,” she said.

When her daughter was allegedly gunned down, she was standing by the door when Neuaka is said to have entered the yard holding his child which he later put down after which he allegedly shot her dead.

Neuaka has a previous conviction which involves car theft, and he took the time to use it as an example of an instance in which he did not flee away from trial under bail conditions.