Amupanda races to stop Tweya acquiring Oranjemund erf

20 Aug 2018 15:10pm

Outspoken land activist, Job Amupanda has written a letter to the Oranjemund Town Council objecting to the granting of an erf to the trade minister, Tjekero Tweya whom he has accused of greedy and selfishness.  

The Villager gleaned on a letter dated August 17th 2018 penned to the Oranjemund Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shali Akwaanyenga in which Amupanda accused the council for skipping a list of young people who had applied for land from as far back as 2013/14.

Said the activist, “Had these application dates been birthdays of children, the children would by now, be speaking, writing and counting. Through this unfair practice, council failed, as an administrative body, to heed to the clarion call of Article 18 of the Namibian Constitution.”

“This fundamental article not only explains the constitutional obligation of council but also assists, for posterity, in comprehending the eventualities that may ensue as a result of the failure to observe same.”

Amupanda has also expressed fear that if Tweya is allowed ownership of the said piece of land, which would effectively be making him a landlord, he may fail to fully implement the Rent Ordinance, a conflict of interest thus arising.

This legal instrument, added Amupanda, is aimed at regulating the relationship and conflict between tenants and landlords

“I wish to make it clear that Mr. Tweya is on record in his refusal to implement the Rent Ordinance 13 of 1997 for which he has taken oath of office. It is now clear, given council resolution 019/03/18R (11) (iii) that he intends, with council help, to become a landlord and as such implementing an existing law is thus informed by his selfish and greedy plans.”

“He is thus abusing his office for personal gain. In writing Article 42 (1), founders of our constitution anticipated, and wanted to avoid, the dichotomy of Mr. Tweya (the minister) and Mr. Tweya (the individual),” writes Amupanda.

He also warned the council of violating the highest law of the land should it go ahead with granting the aid erf to the minister. 

Meanwhile, Tweya said he was in a meeting when called by this publication to give a response to contends of the letter while the Oranjemund CEO was also reportedly in a meeting.

A Public Relations Officer who identified herself only as Glendetta requested for an email whose responses could not be made available until the time of publication.