Cop accused in Okakarara beatings transferred - Kandorozu

19 Aug 2018 15:20pm

A police officer accused of leading what has been called a brutal assault on civilians in Okakarara has been transferred to another station, the Okakarara Constituency Officer has confirmed.

The officer, identified only as Sergeant Muharukua has been widely fingered for leading the attack on civilians during a celebration 114th years of the war of Ohamakari between the Germans and Ovaherero a few days ago.

The entire furore is said to have been escalated after the sergeant Sergeant “was beaten with the bottle on his head by one gentleman a close relative to the one who was involved in the prior fight,” said Okakarara councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu. 

Although the culprit was apprehended, things soon took a twist when the officers began closing all bars before their legal time of closure which did not go down well with drinkers in the area leading to an attack on a pregnant woman. 

Said Kandorozu, “Having said this I am reliably informed that one of the Police who was the head of the team and whom the community members are accusing of causing the whole commotion in the name of Sergeant Mr. Muharukua has been transferred to other station momentarily while the proper arrangement is being resorted to for everlasting solution.”

“Therefore, I am requesting for indulgence from the side of the community, members of the public and media that the regional leadership is involved in the whole process for proper litigation process to take its course.”

“In the meantime, I have engaged the office of the Ombudsman and Legal assistance centre to come and interview the victims and represent those who need legal counsel in case of human rights protection. The office of the Regional Governor in consultation of the constituency office and the Regional commander is planning to have a public meeting in order to bring calm among our community member and to restore the confidence back in all the parties.”

Kandorozu has also come out to say that the beatings had nothing to do with tribalism from the side of the police as almost all the tribes were involved or were part of the uniformed men and women.  

“Therefore, I am calling all the Namibians, be it civilians or those in uniforms to refrain themselves from any utterance that will fuel tribalism or violence between Namibian nations as all of us have only Namibia as our homeland and we have nowhere else to go.”

“In the same vain we are also discouraging public members to stay away from liquor outlets until the wee hours or until the situation gets out of hand.   I am also condemning all the school going children who were part of the elders at the liquor outlets while they were supposed to be at schools or home preparing for the upcoming examination.”

“These are the type of learners who are destroying our education quality at schools with their irresponsible behaviour while they are supposed to be at school and progress farther so that they can come back and serve their community with dignity.”

“Furthermore, we are calling upon the entire bar owners to be very considerate and close their outlets as early enough around 12H00 PM to allow people to return home while sober. In the same light, the Minister of Industrialisation Trade and SME development is to table the Liquor Act, where the operating hours of all the liquor outlets will be up to 12H00 PM. This will allow the police to control the situation and to have a sober community most of the time of the day and night,” he said.