School feeding program benefits 330 000 school kids …as minister asks private sector to step in

16 Aug 2018 15:20pm

The minister of Education, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has gloated over the success of the School Feeding Program which his now feeding 330 000 school children across the country.

The program feeds close to half of the total primary and secondary level school children, 700 000, population, the minister told The Villager.

“Compared to any other African country we are doing very well when it comes to the school feeding program. We have achieved a greater milestone. The government alone is contributing to the program and still, no stakeholders have come on board. I would like corporate companies to assist the government in this regards as well. There have been a high number of challenges we are facing as the education ministry,” she says.

She added that the program has also help learners to stay in school and not dwell away from education because of hunger which is the lowest form of poverty in Namibia.

Himarwa also said that the learners in most remote areas of Kunene region are also faced with challenges such as bedding and deterioration infrastructure.

“Children in those areas are really suffering and as the ministry, we are aware of it and we will do anything within the powers of the ministry to see to it that soon we come to the troubles of this children as we have been doing over the past years. We have been able to feed the children that are really in need of food to continue with education on a full stomach,” she says.