Grief and weeping grips court …as mother narrates how she killed daughter

13 Aug 2018 15:40pm

Emotions gripped court yesterday as a Swakopmund based woman, Zenobia Seas (34) emotionally pleaded guilty for the gruesome murder of her daughter, Ava Owoses (3) and gave a vivid picture of how she strangulated her and tried to kill herself by setting her car alight.

She finally came out that she killed her daughter by suffocating her with a blanket before trying to set her car alight with her inside only to be stopped by a quick response from a Neighborhood Watch team. 

Seas has been in custody for almost two years now and stood accused of murder and obstructing the course of justice, charges she finally and tearfully agreed she committed.

Seas admitted that she had been subjected to an abusive relationship at the mercy of her ex-boyfriend, Immanuel, father of her daughter, whom she said raped her after assaulting her in front of their child.

He had promised to marry her only to later date other women, abusing alcohol and insulting her which threw her into rage before deciding to take their child and her own life.

He was also said to have been co-habiting with another woman here in Windhoek who was reportedly pregnant with his child. 

The court was gripped with emotion as Seas’ sister and relatives broke down and wept for her as she pleaded for the court to show her mercy and regretted taking the decision to murder an innocent child due to anger without looking for professional psychological help. 

“I ask for forgiveness from my family, parents and Immanuel. What I did was unlawful. If I had the opportunity to seek professional help things would have been different,” she told the court.

The state prosecutor, in her attempt to launch the final nails to Seas’ fate and get her locked up, said she intentionally bought fire-wood and oil with the motive to end the life of her daughter whom she had picked from a kindergarten.

The prosecutor’s case was that Seas had been enraged by the fact that her ex-boyfriend had made a decision to have his new girlfriend bear a child by Caesarean-section on the very day Ava was celebrating her birthday.

By Seas’ own admission, she said, “I was made, how can an adult reason like that? I was angry and upset with him for making me believe that he would marry me when he was with someone else.”

She said her ex hardly had any time to see their child and made phone calls at odd hours demanding to speak with her when she was asleep. 

Her father, who could not bear the weight of his pain, managed to give his own account describing her daughter as having been non-violent, and consequently pleaded that she be judged with mercy.

He said what he failed to come to terms with is how come Seas bought food, clothes and toys for her daughter the day she killed her.

He also said that when they arrived at the murder scene, along Hentiesbay, the car she was driving, a 2012 model Golf 1.4, had been damaged from the underbelly as it had been driven on a rough path and was stuck in the sand.

“I took the child from her. She later asked to give me back my child. She was no longer herself. I plead for mercy for my daughter. She went through hell for two years because of what she had done. As a father I ask the court to have mercy on her. As a family we have lost a grand-daughter and it would be heavy to lose another daughter,” he pleaded before breaking down in tears.

The accused also made some diary entries and sent text messages talking about how she had killed her child and that she would also be dead.

Part of them to her ex read like this: “It is my early birthday gift to you. F*cking C*nt who wants to take away the life of my child over Ellen who is sleeping around and who bewitched you. Your money was never an issue.”

She wrote this to a Derick, “F*cking get yourself a job. And do something in your life. You have still contributed f*ck all and the family does not care because you do not want to grow up. And I will never forgive you for thinking that it is right to beat up my children as you please. Get your own f*cking children…”

She also wrote this to a Dirk and Bokkie, “I had been always the middle child who always came last to you. I had to give up my dreams because of you. As of Dirk, like when Dirk speaks nobody should speak. I also blame you for everything that went wrong in my life.”

Seas is said to have another daughter who is seven years now and in her plea for leniency, she indicated that she still needed a parent to look after her and that her parents were well advanced in age and sick.

 Meanwhile, she schooled at Swakopmund Primary and Secondary Schools before getting tertiary education in SA and worked at Swakop Uranium Husab mine where she said she was earning between N$7000 to N$8000.