Otjiwarongo residents “misleading by example” As they avoid waste skip containers

12 Aug 2018 18:20pm

Residents of Ombili informal settlement in Otjiwarongo are said to be avoiding skip containers put up for waste stocking but are rather developing a culture of throwing away waste at any point they want.

This came to light when residents were called in for a meeting to solve the issue regarding unhygienic conditions in the informal settlement, the mayor of Otjiwarongo Bennes Haimbondi said.

“The situation has gone out of hand and we the officials have decided to take up the matter with the residents. We came to a conclusion that we will be providing garbage bags for them to throw in waste since they are not using skip containers availed for them. It is a matter of also educating the residents on the dangers of staying in unhygienic places as this is the root cause of diseases,” he said.

He added that some of the residents claimed that those who throw away waste are doing so right next to the skip containers without considering the health and safety of others.

Haimbondi also said that to find a solution to the issue the municipality will divide the informal settlement in two sections to find out which part of the residents cause the waste that is being seen in the informal settlement.

“If it is it needed we will divide the informal settlement in two sections. And each household in the cleanest section will be rewarded with N$100 worth of clean water just to find a solution to the untidiness experienced in the informal settlement,” he said.