Alleged armed robbers steal safe from NPS

02 Dec 2013 14:40pm
OTJIWARONGO, 02 DEC (NAMPA) – The alleged armed robbers involved in a shoot-out with Namibian Police officers near Windhoek on Saturday morning had earlier stolen a safe from the offices of the Namibia Protection Services (NPS) in Otjiwarongo before they fled.
Two of the four alleged armed robbers sustained serious injuries in that exchange of gunfire on the B2 road at around 06h00 that morning, a few kilometres from the Windhoek-Okahandja police road block.
Otjozondjupa Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Joseph Anghuwo told Nampa on Monday that four armed robbers broke into the NPS offices where money was kept for safe-keeping at around 04h30.
It is alleged that the offices of NPS were not guarded when the robbery took place.
“The break-in at NPS was reported to us immediately, and we alerted other nearby police stations,” explained Anghuwo.
About 30 kilometres outside Windhoek, a team of armed police officers ambushed the alleged robbers as they approached a roadblock set up by the police with their Volkswagen Jetta.
The robbers fired the first shots.
“My police officers were prepared for this type of occurrence, and they responded with heavy gunfire,” the regional commander noted.
It is during this exchange of gunfire that two of the alleged robbers were wounded – one was shot in the hip and the other in the neck.
“None of my police officers were injured in the shooting incident,” Anghuwo stated.
The two injured suspected robbers have been admitted to the Windhoek Central Hospital, while the other two are being detained in the city’s police station’s holding cells.
“I am a happy police commander today to see suspected thieves being shot and arrested on the spot because they want to get rich by stealing our people’s hard-earned property,” the regional commander said.
He warned thieves, especially those working with security service providers in the region and hoping to make quick cash for the festive season, to immediately refrain from carrying out such plans as his office will use its tactical measures to apprehend them.
Meanwhile, it is suspected that three of the now-arrested suspects also participated in the assault of 66-year-old farmer Helmut Goldbeck, who was tortured at his farm Orumbo in the Omitara area last week.
Anghuwo furthermore urged community members to continue working with the police force in reporting the suspicious movements of thieves during the festive season.
Meanwhile, the Otjozondjupa Regional Crime Investigations’ Co-ordinator, Deputy Commissioner Moses Khairabeb said on Monday that the safe which was stolen from the NPS offices has been recovered.
It contained N.dollars 326 000.
More than N.dollars 100 000 in cash was burnt to ashes inside the safe after the alleged robbers used a cutting torch to open it.
About N.dollars 199 000 was counted at the Otjiwarongo police station on Monday in Khairabeb’s presence, and returned to the owners - Metro.
He explained that NPS is responsible for the safekeeping and banking of Metro Otjiwarongo’s money.
Police investigations into the matter continue.