RDP congress set for November

12 Aug 2018 15:40pm
WINDHOEK, 12 AUG (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) will hold its elective convention in December to choose a new leadership, the party’s highest decision-making body, the central committee (CC) has resolved.
This was revealed by RDP’s secretary-general (SG), Mike Kavekotora in an interview with Nampa recently where he spoke about internal disputes and challenges facing the party.
He said there is an urgency for the party to hold the congress towards the end of 2018, as the term of the current leadership ends in November.
“That was a matter of urgency. We should have a convention this year, otherwise we will have a constitution crisis in the party,” he said.
The CC authorised the party’s executive body to put in place a framework to ensure that branches are in place, regional conferences take place and delegates to the congress are vetted.
This process is to ensure the internal election is transparent, free, fair and credible, Kavekotora said. Presiding officers are also expected to be appointed later this year.
Interestingly, some members of the 21-member CC were not party to the meeting that gave birth to the resolution of holding the convention.
However, Kavekotora maintains that at least 15 members attended, which was enough to reach a quorum and make decisions for the party.
He said some of the absentees also provided valid reasons why they could not be present.
The SG added that there was nothing personal between him and those not attending CC meetings.
“We are running an institution whose mandate, vision and mission are way beyond our individual differences. Even when I took the position of SG, I didn’t take it because of whom I like and don’t like,” he said.
Kavekotora further said the RDP’s leadership is “sober and aware” of the challenges they face.
“There is a high political will from those who don’t want the party to go down,” he said.
Since its formation in 2007, RDP has seen two presidents lead it, first the party’s founder, late Hidipo Hamutenya, who resigned, followed by Jeremiah Nambinga, who also stepped down on Thursday.