Nambinga rubbishes links to other parties

11 Aug 2018 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 11 AUG (NAMPA) – Former president of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), Jeremiah Nambinga has rubbished allegations that he has intentions to start a new political party following his resignation from the party last week.
In an interview with Nampa on Friday Nambinga said he just resigned from the party to focus on other aspects in his life.
“I resigned due to the unnecessary in-fights within the party and not that I have intentions to start a new political party or joining any other political party in the country,” he said.
One primary reason why he resigned was that his directives were not carried out by the management of the party.
“I just realised I was fighting a losing battle and decided to resign from the party,” he said.
Asked why people are resigning after his resignation from the RDP, Nambinga replied that he never told anyone to resign.
“There are no strings attached between my resignation and theirs. Anyway it is their democratic right to do so,” explained Nambinga.
Timo Shikongo, who was the leader of the RDP in the Ohangwena Region, resigned from the party on Thursday.
Shikongo, who has been RDP regional secretary since the formation of the party in 2007, resigned along with Vilho Shimwooshili, the only RDP member in the Helao Nafidi Town Council, who also served as the party’s regional mobiliser.
Nambinga told Nampa that some members in Windhoek also resigned from the party.
Approached for comment party secretary-general, Mike Kavekotora said he was not surprised by Nambinga’s resignation because he initiated a fight that he knew he will not win.
Nambinga, according to Kavekotora, wanted to go to Parliament against the decision of the Central Committee (CC), the Convention and other structures of the RDP.
The last electoral college of the RDP, according to Kavekotora, resolved that the top four of the party will not automatically go to Parliament, but would have to go to the pot like anybody else and be elected from the pot.
Another reason is that after the resignation of the late Hidipo Hamutenya from the RDP, the person to succeed him in Parliament according to the party resolutions was the one next on the list, who in this case was, Agnes Limbo.
Upon taking up the party presidency, Nambinga according to Kavekotora wanted to do things against these decisions.
“Nambinga never recovered from the hangover of this fight and started abusing the party for his own interest,” Kavekotora said.
Despite Nambinga’s departure, Kavekotora is optimistic that they will pick up the pieces and move the RDP forward.
He further promised that the party will contest in the upcoming national elections.