Man wants N$328 000 from works ministry for breach of rent agreement

09 Aug 2018 15:10pm

A man is up in arms with the ministry of works which he is accusing of breaching a contractual agreement in which the ministry was supposed to rent his property to the tune of N$7 000 per month, excluding water and electricity. 

The plaintiff in the case, Immanuel Shipanga claims that the ministry took over the flat in February of 2014 but that it only later came to his attention that it did not want to renew the lease agreement and vacated the property on the 31st of September 2014. 

He also claims that that the ministry moved out without his prior consent and before the expiry date of the agreement. 

Shipanga further states that the ministry allowed the property to remain unoccupied as from the 31st of September 2014 for a period exceeding six weeks. 

“As a result of the defendant’s above material breach/es, the plaintiff could not earn the rental income he would have earned had the defendant performed in terms of the agreement,” says 

The flat is situated at Erf 1501 along Gladiola street. 

He also said at the time the ministry took over occupation of the flat it was in good state of repair and condition with all keys, locks, glass windows, electrical installations, sanitary ware, stoves, water taps and geysers. 

The ministry was also entitled to pay a deposit of N$6 500 in advance before moving in while the agreement was supposed to endure for a period of five years starting from 1 June 2013 and expiring this year on 1 June. 

As a result of the repudiation Shipanga claims to have undergone damages to the tune of N$328 628.40 in the form of lost rental income.

He also wants the ministry to pay his costs that came with the court case.