Couple finally settle dispute over Omaheke farm

09 Aug 2018 15:10pm

A woman who has been fighting with her ex-husband to retain ownership of an Omaheke farm after she was told by the lands minister to vacate has finally struck a settlement agreement that will see her back on the property. 

The lands ministry had terminated Mara Uazenga’s rights as co-lessee of the farm   in spite of having married her then husband, Zebalth Uazenga in the community of property while it is also alleged that she had been left to tend the land for a good four years alone.

Council for the wife, Advocate Dennis Kama told the lands tribunal yesterday that both parties had reached an agreement and asked for the minister to set aside the letter which he had issued to kick Maria off the property.

The lands tribunal also resolved that the minister be ordered to grant audience to both parties as part of the settlement path.

Speaking to The Villager, Advocate Kama said, “She will stay on the farm until such time that the issue of the farm is sorted or clarified.”

 Counsel for Mara’s ex-husband, Happy Ntelamo indicated that the two had been fighting and living separately on the farm while it also came out that water supply had been cut by the other party. 

Meanwhile, members of the tribunal constitute Windhoek lawyer Elize Angula, fulltime and Namibia Agriculture Union president and commercial farmer Ryno van der Merwe, Clara Bohitile, Clive Kavendjii and  Orben Sibeya who also happens to be a lawyer.