Blankets and toilet paper donated to Koichas Primary School

09 Aug 2018 10:20am
VAALGRAS, 09 AUG (NAMPA) - A lecturer at the University of Namibia’s southern campus in Keetmanshoop on Wednesday donated 50 blankets and 300 rolls of toilet paper to the Koichas Primary School hostel.
The ecumenical community school is situated in Vaalgras and has 305 learners.
The lecturer, Edwins Odero told Nampa during the handing over of the donation he has a passion for assisting the needy, especially learners, as he has witnessed children dropping out of school because they lack basic necessities.
“The few resources we have we should give to encourage them to continue with their studies so that in future they can become people who are valued in society and who can impact their community,” he said.
Receiving the donation was the school’s principal, Silvia Hange, who thanked Odero for the gesture.
She also asked for further assistance from anyone who is able to help, especially with the provision of blankets and mattresses.
Hange said Koichas is a community school but since many of the children’s parents are unemployed, it is difficult for them to contribute.
“Government does assist us, but cannot do it alone. The parents contribute where they can but it is not enough, so we want to ask for outside assistance. There is an urgent need for mattresses and blankets,” the principal said.
She explained that the current number of learners in the hostel exceeds its capacity as there are 290 learners living in the hostel meant to accommodate 250.
The blankets and 300 rolls of toilet paper is valued at N.dollars 8 500.