Foundations of National Council are embedded in the regions – Mensah-Williams

07 Aug 2018 15:40pm

The chairperson of the National Council (NC), Magreth Mensah-Williams during the celebration of its silver jubilee said that the foundations of the council are firmly embedded in the regions and in 121 constituencies all across Namibia.

Coming from the regions members of the NC, carry a unique but at the same time direct responsibility towards their constituencies who hold them to account on many issues, she said.

“As a result the business of the National Council has over the years been characterized by members seeking practical solutions to practical issues that people face on a daily basis. One of the recurring theme was the correcting of past injustice amongst others, members tabled motions for removal of the Veterinary Cordon Fence repeal of the Magistrates Act No.32 of 1944, the thorny issue of human-wildlife conflict,” she said.

She added that the NC has contributed towards women empowerment as the first NC had only one woman out of 26 members.

Mensah-Williams also said that the second NC made history by electing a woman to a decision making position in 1999.

“The fifth NC made history again when I was elected as first female presiding officer in either House in the history of our country. Over the years we have initiated many projects such as the junior NC, the Rural Women’s Parliament with men as partners,” she said.

She added the NC has also employed innovative techniques such as educational theater to educate the public about work of parliament and on topical social and legal issues.