Erongo crime decreases: NamPol

01 Dec 2013 15:50pm
WALVIS BAY, 01 DEC (NAMPA) - Crime in the Erongo Region has reduced with more than 30 per cent since three years ago, the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Commissioner for the Erongo Region, Samuel //Hoëbeb said on Thursday.
Crime decreased from a total of 5 310 cases reported in October 2011, to a total of 3 928 reported by the end of October 2013.
Speaking during a media briefing here, //Hoëbeb said the Erongo Region has exceeded NamPol’s five-year strategic plan objective, which states that crime should be reduced by at least with five per cent.
Citing statistics provided, he said the Erongo division of NamPol went beyond the five per cent with the continued assistance of key stakeholders working side by side with the police.
The stakeholders include members of the community such as the neighbourhood watch and crime stoppers, as well as Municipal traffic officers and the political leadership at regional and local authority levels.
However, //Hoëbeb stated that crime such as housebreaking, theft out of motor vehicles, rape, stock theft, domestic violence and suicide could not be prevented, and continues to be a concern.
The number of theft out of motor vehicle cases reported for 2011 was 255, 197 in 2012, and 224 thus far in 2013.
“This area is quite a concern, particularly for tourists we are expecting to visit. We are thus posting a strong message to the tourists and visitors who will be visiting, to prevent availing opportunities to potential thieves.
Whenever they leave their cars they must lock and must not walk around with lots of money and beautiful cameras that will attract attention,” //Hoëbeb said.
He further stated that during the 2012 festive season, four people drowned, with alcohol being the contributing factor to the incidences.
Thus, //Hoëbeb stated that during the 2013 festive period, alcohol will not be sold at public places which are not zoned for alcoholic purposes.
“Liquor outlets should close their businesses during public holidays, as well as adhere to the trading hours. They should control their customers,” he strongly said.
//Hoëbeb also warned the public not to abuse alcohol, “as a drunken person is vulnerable to crime”.
He further stated that during the festive period starting December to January, members from NamPol’s Special Field Forces will be deployed in the holiday towns to ensure that the festive season is safe for all people.