NamPol in //Kharas still searching for alleged killer

07 Aug 2018 14:50pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 07 AUG (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police Force in the //Kharas Region are still searching for an alleged killer believed to have murdered a woman at a hitchhiking point outside Karasburg.
Crime Investigations Coordinator for the region, Deputy Commissioner Chrispin Mubebo told Nampa on Tuesday that the police are struggling to find a suspect in the murder case as there were no eyewitnesses when the incident happened.
“It was also dark when it happened 10 days ago at the scene outside Karasburg, and not Grünau as earlier reported by the police,” he said.
“Unfortunately, we do not have a suspect as we have no eyewitness. We do not know who was at the hiking point when she was there,” he added.
Mubebo said police are busy questioning the deceased’s boyfriend and ex-boyfriend to determine if there are any links between them and her. However, he also emphasised that it could have been someone else.
The deputy commissioner added that the authorities are also questioning the public in Karasburg to establish whether someone perhaps saw the deceased with someone that day, before the incident happened.
The body of the 32-year-old victim, who was identified as Imelda Rooi, was found by members of the public in a bush at the hitchhiking point.
Rooi’s body was found in a pool of blood with her head severely beaten with a rock.
Mubebo said the deceased is believed to have been hiking to a farm 10 kilometres outside Karasburg, where she lived with her family.
Police investigations continue.