Fraud accused Nigerian pastor plays “delay tactics” in court

06 Aug 2018 13:50pm

Under-fire Nigerian pastor of Life Changing Christian Church, Isaak Onwordi has been rapped for playing delay tactics in the Windhoek High Court in which a couple is fighting to reclaim back their house which he is said to have grabbed and forged documents to that effect.

The issue of the said house, which is said to belong to Gervasius Arnat and his wife, has spilt into the Magistrate’s Court and the High Court where a criminal and civil cases have been opened respectively.

As the battle of who owns the house rages on, the pastor yesterday brought in an application for postponement of the case to which a new date will be granted.

Speaking to The Villager, lawyers representing the couple said, “They instructed a new lawyer at the 11th minute while they knew well in advance since June 18th that the case is postponed to today.”

“The plaintiffs have the house registered in their name, the defendants are renting it and now they claim the house is theirs. That’s the long and short of it and the plaintiff wants them evicted.”

Asked to elaborate further on why the pastor has been failing to produce authentic documents to prove his ownership of the house, the lawyer said, “They have no documents. They can not have them. The house is fully registered and the bond is still being settled by the plaintiff, how can they produce documents, over and above them being foreigners?”

The aggrieved couple is being represented by Advocate Steve Rukoro and Ralf Strauss.

Flamboyant Pastor Isaak Onwordi is not new to controversy as he has been slammed by ex-members of his church for running the church like a cult and has been criticised for using mafia-tactics to control the lives of those that come to him. 

He stands accused for dividing families and marrying off people in his authority as pastor of his Katutura based church.

The Villager a few days ago broke the story of the Arnat family fighting it out with their daughter who is allegedly not seeing them, and has since changed her birth name on instruction of the pastor.

In a physical confrontation with her parents, she asked them to address her by her new name the pastor had given her and is said to have been told not to drive a car they bought because it was bewitched.

Eye-brows have also been raised with regards to Onwordi’s purported life-summary (years) which do not tally his age.

A brief summery provided to this publication shows that his calculated lifespan from the time his early childhood up to his pastoral period shows him to have spent 61 years while he is just 59 years of age.

This does not include the unknown years he spent as a pastor out of Namibia, his exposure or academic training years and pastoral training years.

 Speaking to a Confidente reporter, Onwordi boasted being a Nigerian diplomat and claims to have the following qualifications, B.SC, AA, AMCIT, DIP (CIT), DIP (FSA) and DIP (JNR).