Plane crash scene ‘ugly’ says police crime coordinator

01 Dec 2013 13:40pm
RUNDU, 01 DEC (NAMPA) - The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Crime Coordinator in the two Kavango regions, Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton has described the scene of a airplane crash there on Friday as 'ugly and one of the worst disastrous scenes’.
Bampton was one of a few senior police officers in the region who visited the crash scene by helicopter.
The area where the plane crashed is inaccessible by road, because it is bushy.
The police crime coordinator told this reporter on Sunday that the plane and its occupants crashed into several pieces.
He narrated that some of the passengers’ belongings and other items were found some 500 metres away from where the aircraft crashed.
The Mozambican airplane, Flight TM470, took off from Maputo at 09h26 and was due to land in the Angolan capital city of Luanda at 13h10 GMT, but it never arrived.
The airplane was reported to have gone missing while en route from Mozambique to Angola on Friday.
Meanwhile, the first batch of remains belonging to the 34 people who perished in the crash arrived at the Eros Airport from Rundu on Sunday morning.
The military airplane carrying the dismembered remains touched down here at around 11h20.
The Namibian Defence Force plane can only carry 15 passengers at a time.
The same plane will fly to Grootfontein on Sunday to pick up the rest of the corpses, which have been transported there by police car to lessen the travel distance of the plane.