Seven-year-old girl dies after being run over in Rundu

06 Aug 2018 01:20am
RUNDU, 05 AUG (NAMPA) – A seven-year-old girl died on the spot after she was run over in Rundu on Sunday.
The Namibian Police Force’s Kavango East crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifasius Kanyetu told Nampa the driver of the Volkswagen Golf failed to stop at a four way stop in Maria Mwengere Road.
He then allegedly ran over Paulina Penehafo Peter, who was busy crossing the road.
“The suspect also failed to assist Peter, who died on the spot,” Kanyetu said.
The driver was arrested and a case of capable homicide, reckless and negligent driving and driving a motor vehicle without a driver’s licence was opened.
Peter’s next of kin have been informed.
In another incident, a Toyota pick-up driven by a 48-year-old man overturned at Mashare village east of Rundu after one of its tyres burst.
Kanyetu said the pick-up was driving in a western direction on the Trans- Caprivi Highway when the right rear tyre burst.
Eight of the occupants were seriously injured.
They were identified as Nicolaus Kanyeva, 28; Kakome Johannes, 17; Getrud Muyenga, 23; Jame Christofy, 18; Elias Kavinga, 15; Norberth Mulembu, 20; Thimoteus Mukuve, 20; and the 22-year-old Applonian Ndumba, all from Mabushe village.